November 11, 2015

Grand opening unveils St. Paul’s premier destination for drinks, dining, private events and socializing

Saint Paul, Minn. – Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures (MLCV) today announced the grand opening of Citizen Supper Club – Saint Paul’s newest upscale restaurant destination located in the InterContinental® Saint Paul Riverfront hotel. The launch of Citizen Supper Club brings a creative new dining option to Minnesota’s vibrant capital city.

MLCV created the new Citizen Supper Club concept with Graves Hospitality to offer guests an impressive lineup of midcentury cocktails, wine, beer and spirits at the bar, as well as an inspired menu of confidently crafted cuisine in the intimate dining room.

“This restaurant is the perfect fit for a powerful city,” said Joe Nayquonabe, Jr., CEO of Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures. “We are excited to establish a new destination for drinks, dining and socializing in St. Paul.”

The unique vibe of Citizen Supper Club is defined as ‘modern mid-century,’ which reflects the elegance and class of a bygone era, seamlessly blended with modern upscale touches that discerning diners expect.

The surroundings set the stage for the inspired cuisine of Executive Chef John Occhiato. Occhiato, who is known as a local leader in fine dining cuisine, developed a menu that pays homage to the 1960s era with a modern take on some of America’s favorite classics.

“This is unlike any menu I’ve ever developed,” said Occhiato. “I turned to those who had fond memories of social gatherings of the 1960s for inspiration. The result is a menu that is accented with classic options like chicken and dumplings and pot roast, but with a unique Citizen Supper Club twist.”

Cocktails and Beverages
Classic cocktails of the 1960s have enjoyed several golden ages, yet the pressure to innovate and create something new has led many establishments to create signature drinks that are overloaded with multiple ingredients, yet lacking in classic flavor. At Citizen Supper Club, popular classic cocktails have become new again.

As in ages past, the mantra for concocting drinks today is balance, taste and quality. Not only does Citizen Supper Club serve the classics of the past, they’ve also reimagined favorites like; the Old Fashioned, Gibson,
Martini, Moscow Mule, Cuba Libre, La Paloma, the Rob Roy, the Aperol Spritz and the resulting drinks are more flavorful, vital and exuberant on the palate.

“To be new and exciting, a drink doesn’t need gimmicky ingredients – it needs exceptional ingredients, prepared and presented flawlessly,” said Ben Graves, president and CEO of Graves Hospitality. “With the beverages at Citizen Supper Club, we wanted to return to the flavor combinations that made these drinks classics in the first place to help our guests rediscover the essence of what makes them unique.”

Whether you’re looking for a snack to accompany a cocktail during social hour, or a preamble to a full dinner, the dozen appetizer options at Citizen Supper Club include something for everyone. Chef recommendations are the Deviled Eggs, “NY Deli Style”, which come topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese and everything bagel crumbs and the Swedish Meatballs with crème fraiche gravy and dill pickle. Other favorites include the Shrimp Toast with sesame, ginger and scallion, and Piquillo Pepper Cheese Ball, with smoked almond, goat cheese, crackers and crudité.

Dining Menu
For those seeking a classic burger option, the Citizen Burger features shallot and thyme-seasoned beef topped with Velveeta cheese and red wine butter. Another chef recommendation is the Chicken & Dumplings, with roasted Amish chicken, ricotta dumplings, peas and carrots. Seafood lovers should consider the Lobster Club, with lettuce, tomato, avocado, herb mayonnaise and French fries. Looking for pasta? Try the Duck “A L’Orange” with pappardelle, braised duck, olive and prune.

There are also a number of dishes designed to appeal to the palate of more adventurous diners, including a unique twist on scampi and the Shaved Cauliflower salad, with olive, arugula, caper, garlic vinaigrette, anchovy breadcrumbs and manchego.

The full menu at Citizen Supper Club features more than two dozen carefully crafted salad, meat, fish and pasta options, with something for every diner’s tastes.

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